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Uber Eats

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Lazy AZ

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Menu Log




PIZZE – Pizza!

All pizzas have a tomato & mozzarella base
Glutenfree base available $4.00 extra
Extra toppings start from $0.50ea

Margherita (V) $11.00
Tomato and mozzarella topped with basil

Hawaiian $13.00
Ham & Pineapple

Prosciutto e Funghi $13.00
Ham & mushroom

Pepperoni $13.00
Grilled capsicum & spicy salami

Funghi (V) $13.00
Mushroom with thyme & oregano finished with a dash of truffle oil

Puttanesca $14.00
Olives, capers, anchovy, chilli

Quattro Formaggi (V) $14.00
Mozzarella, gorgonzola, parmigiano, cream

Ortolana (V) $14.00
Grilled zucchine, eggplant & fresh tomato

Alleluia $15.00
Roast chicken, basil pesto & toasted pinenuts

Pollo del Fuego $15.00
Roast chicken & chilli topped with yogurt & paprika

Toscana $15.00
Pork & fennel sausage with caramelised onions & fresh tarragon

Ali Baba $15.00
Roasted NZ lamb, potatoes & sage

Pollo Indiana $15.00
Pollo Indiana Tandoori-spiced chicken, tomato, mozzarella, topped with yogurt & chilli

Zucca Arrosto $15.00
Roast pumpkin with fresh Italian-style mozzarella, spinach, garlic & rosemary

Frutti di Mare $16.00
Prawns, calamari & mussels with fresh Italian Parsley

Polpette e Chorizo $16.00
Pork & beef meatballs, chorizo, tomato, mozzarella

Fiorentina $16.00
Mozzarella, crispy bacon, spinach, fresh tomato, egg topped with shaved parmesan


Pizza Bread with Garlic (V) $8.50
Pizza Bread With caramelised onion & gorgonzola $9.50



Gluten-free pasta available $3.00 extra

Spaghetti al Pomodoro (V) $13.50
With Gina’s tomato & basil sauce topped with fresh grated parmesan cheese

Penne Arrabiata (V) $13.50
With tomato, chilli, Italian parsley andfresh grated parmesan

Penne al’ Amatriciana $15.50
With tomato, pancetta, onion & chilli topped with parmesan cheese

Fettuccine ai Funghi (V) $15.50
Pan fried NZ & Italian mushrooms with tomato, garlic & Italian parsley with parmesan cheese

Fettuccine alla Puttanesca $15.50
With tomato, olives, anchovy, capers & chilli topped with Italian parsley

Spaghetti alla Bolognese $15.50
With traditional, slow cooked beef ragu topped withfresh grated parmesan

Fettuccine alla Carbonara $15.50
Italian-style with pancetta, egg yoke, black pepper & parmesan cheese (please note this dish can dry out in transit, this is normal) OR Kiwi-style with added cream

Penne con Pollo $15.50
With chicken, mushroom, cream & garlic topped with parmesan

Lasagne alla Bolognese $17.50
Baked pasta with Bolognese ragu, bechamel sauce and mozzarella



Tiramisu (V) $12.50
The famous Italian classic dessert with savoiardi
biscuits soaked in fresh brewed espresso coffee
& marsala brandy layered with mascarpone
cream, dusted with dark Dutch cocoa.